About the Commission

Welcome to the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission's (VWC) website.

The Commission is headed by three Commissioners and an Executive Director. The Commissioners are chosen by the General Assembly and serve six-year terms. Roger L. Williams, Wesley G. Marshall, and R. Ferrell Newman currently serve as Commissioners. The Commissioners elect a Chairman for a term of three years. Mr. Williams is currently the Chairman and Evelyn McGill is the Executive Director.

Executive Director’s Message:
The Commonwealth of Virginia is a wonderful place to live and a great place to work and raise a family. Owning a business in our state also offers various opportunities to develop, grow and prosper as an entrepreneur or business. Whether you are an employee of a business or an owner of a company, VWC is responsible for carrying out the requirements of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act, while administering Virginia's workers' compensation program, meeting legal requirements and providing various protections. Most employers doing business in Virginia and most employees working in Virginia are covered under the requirements of the Act. VWC ensures compliance with the Act and all workers’ compensation requirements through its mission and agency operations.

VWC’s Mission

The mission of VWC is to strive for excellence by being an effective leader in providing public services by ethically administering our statutory duties and being responsive to the diverse needs of our customers. Our agency is organized to execute requirements to deliver benefits to injured workers and work with employers and various partners to ensure all requirements under the law are met.

Workers' Compensation is a system of insurance that provides various protections for workers and employers from losses caused by on-the-job accidents and job-related illnesses. A key objective of the VWC is to educate employers, workers and various partners on workers’ compensation best practices and requirements through the various service delivery units of VWC.