EDI Quality Assurance Department (EDI)

The EDI Quality Assurance Department establishes and maintains the EDI standards for employers, carriers and claim administrators to report workplace accidents to the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission; Enforces compliance with those standards; Supports employers, carriers, and claim administrators who have EDI related issues, questions and/or training needs; Reviews and processes failed transactions to ensure all data is reported accurately and is displayed appropriately in our claims processing system; Performs consolidations when duplicate claims exist; Oversees the EDI vendor contract.

All Information regarding the EDI requirements for Virginia can be found under the Documents section to the right of your screen. The Commission’s EDI Implementation Guide contains all information needed to submit EDI to Virginia. There are also training aids provided that can be extremely beneficial to individuals responsible for filing EDI transactions to the Commission.

Small Volume Filers

If you submit less than 100 claims non-minor claims per year and would like to use a web-based tool for your EDI transactions and have not already notified VWC, please submit an email to edi.support@workcomp.virginia.gov. We will need the following information to get you set up:

  • Primary contact information including company name, representative, phone number and email address
  • Mailing address
  • Claim Admin FEIN(s) you intend to report under
  • Insurer FEIN(s) you intend to report for

EDI Vendors

The following is a list of Vendors that handle Virginia EDI reporting, but may not include all vendors able to submit to Virginia.

Virginia does not endorse, nor recommend any one vendor over another. If you are an EDI vendor and would like to have your company's information added to this page, please send an email request to edi.support@workcomp.virginia.gov.

Contact Information

Questions can be e-mailed to our EDI Support Team at edi.support@workcomp.virginia.gov

EDI Quality Assurance Fax # 804-418-4919