WebFile Support FAQ

WebFile Support Questions

What is the "paperless" option and how does it work?

Click here to learn more about the paperless option for Attorneys
Click here to learn more about the paperless option for Claimants
Click here to learn more about the paperless option for Claim Administrators

How do I get help with my WebFile Account?

How do I request a new PIN?

Please call the Commission at 877-664-2566 to request a new PIN. Please note that PINs must be mailed to you and cannot be provided over the phone or via email.

How do I reset my WebFile password?

Click here to reset your WebFile password.

How do I create a WebFile username?

Click here for instructions for creating a WebFile username.

How do I change my WebFile username?

Send an email to WebFile Support to request your WebFile username change.

How do I continue to manage my cases through WebFile when I am moving to a new law firm?

You must call the Clerk's Office at 804-367-9740 to receive assistance with moving your cases to your new firm.

Why do I get the "No Party Selected" error message when trying to note representation on a case?

This error message usually occurs when the attorney WebFile account has not been activated by the firm's WebFile Site Administrator. Please see the WebFile Guide for Attorney Site Administrators for directions regarding activating attorney WebFile accounts.

Who can access WebFile?

The Commission offers WebFile access to Injured Workers, Claim Administrators, Attorneys, PEOs, and GSIAs. You may visit the WebFile page for more information about requesting access to WebFile.

How do I request access to WebFile?

Visit the Webfile home page of the Commission's website for instructions to request WebFile access.


Web Browser Technical Requirements

We recognize that our users may have various Internet Browsers and Operating Systems or devices. We like our visitors to have the best possible experience when using our applications. The Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission recommends Google Chrome for best results or any other modern web browsers with HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility.

NOTE: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and still encounter problems, please verify that your browser is not operating in Compatibility Mode. For instructions on how to disable Compatibility Mode, Click Here.