Injured Workers

ADR Effect on WebFile

Effective April 29, 2016, attorneys will have the option of directly uploading ADR Confidential Documents. Documents WebFiled as such will be accessible only to the mediator in a given case, and the attorney who uploaded the ADR Confidential Document. If ADR Confidential Documents are sent to the Commission in any other fashion, and marked confidential, they will be accessible only by the mediator.

Create WebFile Username

This document covers creating usernames for WebFile accounts. Users will not be able to access the information in their WebFile account unless and until they create a username

Special Notes:

  • WebFile usernames must be at least six characters in length and may be no more than fifty characters in length.
  • WebFile usernames may only contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), dashes (-), underscores (_), at symbols (@), plusses (+) and periods (.).
  • WebFile usernames may not contain spaces.


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