Virginia Beach Parking

All visitors to the Virginia Beach Regional Office should be aware that for an indeterminate period of time, the parking lots adjacent to the Pembroke One office building will be inaccessible as a result of construction of a new hotel at the corner of Independence Boulevard and Broad Street. In addition, all ramps from the parking lot onto the sidewalk at Pembroke One have been temporarily closed, creating a difficult situation for those requiring access by wheelchair and other assistive devices.

Although the Commission is attempting to resolve these issues with building management, all attorneys, parties, and witnesses need to be aware that parking is limited and they should plan extra time to park when attending hearings. The nearest available parking is frequently filled by the employees of other building tenants by 9:00 a.m. During the hours the Commission conducts hearings, the most likely available parking is now approximately 100 yards away on the former site of the Pembroke Three office building, now demolished, and access for those with disabilities will be challenging until this portion of the construction project is completed. In addition, one of the sidewalks around the Pembroke Two office building has been closed, requiring that parties walk on the sidewalk between the Pembroke Two building and the Bank of America parking lot which will add to the time needed to get to our offices in Pembroke One.

If access for those with disabilities is a concern, we ask that you contact the Virginia Beach Regional Office at 757-648-7100 a day or two before your hearing so that we can attempt to coordinate a solution with the Pembroke building management. We apologize for this inconvenience and will do our best to get this matter resolved as soon as possible.