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About Virginia Workers' Compensation

Our Mission

The mission of the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission is to strive for excellence by being an effective leader in providing public services by ethically administering our statutory duties and being responsive to the diverse needs of our customers.

Our Vision

The Commission provides professional, customer-focused assistance to facilitate our customers in receiving the services to which they are entitled.

Our Values

Continuous Improvement- We embrace change, creativity, and new initiatives that enhance our services.

Leadership & Professionalism- We strive to fulfill our responsibilities in a fair, professional, ethical and respectful manner.

Customers- We respect and knowledgeably respond to the diverse needs and perspectives of our customers in a timely and courteous manner.

Employees- We seek to attract and retain dedicated & talented employees. We will provide the environment & resources to nurture professionalism, encourage initiative, and facilitate a culture of customer-focused service.

Fiscal Responsibility- We seek innovations in our processes that limit the administrative financial burden upon our tax payers while maintaining the necessary services to meet our Code requirements and customer service delivery responsibilities.

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