WebFile - Paperless Option for Claimants

Claimant WebFile users have the option to "go paperless". The users who opt into this program will rely only on electronic notifications from the Commission and will no longer receive paper copies of notices and filings.

Here are a few things to know about the paperless option:

  • The paperless preference for a Claimant is set individually.
  • Claimants may log into WebFile and opt into or out of the paperless program at any time. However, they may not change their paperless option more than once per day.
  • When WebFile Users log in to WebFile, a banner at the top of the screen will display their current paperless status.
  • WebFile Users who have chosen to be paperless will be labeled with a green leaf icon indicating that they do not need a mailed copy of the filing.

Web Browser Technical Requirements

We recognize that our users may have various Internet Browsers and Operating Systems or devices. We like our visitors to have the best possible experience when using our applications. The Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission recommends Google Chrome for best results or any other modern web browsers with HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility.

NOTE: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and still encounter problems, please verify that your browser is not operating in Compatibility Mode. For instructions on how to disable Compatibility Mode, Click Here.